Friday, February 2, 2007

Missing the Cut

I should have approached this with more organization, but before I go any further with my list of my favorite films of last year, it would be appropriate to mention the films I haven't seen. Notable exlcusions are as follows:

49 Up, Apocalypto, Art School Confidential, Babel, Blood Diamond, Bobby, The Curse of the Golden Flower, Deliver Us From Evil, Fast Food Nation, Flags of Our Fathers, For Your Consideration, The Good German, The Good Shepherd, Hard Candy, The Illusionist, Inland Empire, Jesus Camp, The Last King of Scotland, Little Children, The Lives of Others, The Painted Veil, Perfume: Story of a Murderer, The Prestige, Shut Up and Sing, Stranger Than Fiction, Tristram Shandy, Volver, and Water

I hope to see them all in the near future, but none of them factor into my consideration of the films of 2006. Looking ahead, I will be away on business for the weekend, so I will be picking up my Best of 2006 List on Tuesday and complete it within the week thereafter. Until then, here is a short list of notable films from last year that didn't quite make my exemplary list:

Casino Royale
Conversations With Other Women
Little Miss Sunshine
Monster House
V For Vendetta

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