Friday, February 10, 2012

Six Fridays of Star Wars

As if we don't have enough Star Wars in our lives, I've begun work on a rather epic essay series on George Lucas' six-film opus. In light of how saturated pop culture and criticism has become with Star Wars for nearly 35 years, my goal is to offer a slightly different and perhaps fresher perspective on one of cinema's most visible works. Thus, I am currently in the midst of re-watching all of the films. I don't foresee completing this project for a few months, but in the mean time I'll be posting short reflections on each film for the next six weeks, starting today with The Phantom Menace. Keep in mind these reviews are brief critical perspectives and will likely bear little relation to how I am approaching the series in terms of the larger project. Enjoy!

Update—Below are links to my reviews for each of the six films:

Star Wars—Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Star Wars—Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Star Wars—Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars—Episode IV: A New Hope

Star Wars—Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars—Episode VI: Return of the Jedi


Damian Arlyn said...

Are you watching the original versions of the first three movies, Ted, or one of the various "special editions" thatare available?

Ted Pigeon said...

2004 versions. They are the only ones I have. I wanted to purchase the theatrical versions they released later but then decided it wasn't worth the money. I hear they are on Netflix so I might consider taking a look. I wish I still had a VCR because I had them all on VHS.

One of my longer essays will wade deeply into Lucas' preponderance for rewriting history. Interestingly, this narrative speaks both to Lucas' never-ending tinkering as well as to the themes of the films themselves. I haven't seen many arguments that tied those together and I'm hoping to do just that. Thus, it might be beneficial for me to watch the originals as well as the updated ones.